VIDEO: STL LIVE Fighting HARD 1 of 2

STL LIVE Fighting HARD 1 of 2

STL LIVE – Fighting H.A.R.D.
HOST: Raynah Rey
SHOW DATE: November 13, 2017

Hit and Run crashes are rapidly increasing in our country. However, the foundation Fighting H.A.R.D. is looking to reverse those statistics. Here to tell us more is Committee Member, Vaughn Morgan…

Guest: Tiffanie Stanfield/ Executive Director, Fighting HARD

Fighting H.A.R.D. Fundraiser and Gala/April 12, 2018 at 6 PM/ River City Event Center/ 777 River City Blvd/ 314-305-6878/

Honoring Jameca Stanfield and other families impacted by Hit and Run fatalities, the Fighting H.A.R.D. Fundraiser and Gala is taking place April 12th, 2018 at 6 PM located in the River City Event Center at 777 River City Boulevard. For more information, call 314-305-6878, email, or visit http://www.

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