Lewis Rice: 2017 Corporate Diversity Awardee

Lewis Rice: 2017 Corporate Diversity Awardee

On Friday, November 17, Lewis Rice received the 2017 Corporate Diversity Award at the St. Louis American Foundation’s Salute to Excellence in Business networking luncheon and awards reception. The event will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis.

Bridget G. Hoy, a member of the firm’s diversity committee, said their team is “thrilled” to receive the award because it not only reflects their recent inclusion efforts, but also honors the firm’s foundation.

More than 100 years ago, the two founders Joseph Lewis and Charles Rice overcame their differences in religions and age to establish the firm, Hoy said. They also set a goal to serve the community in an “unpretentious manner.”

“One was Christian, one was Jewish,” Hoy said. “And at the time, it was a coming together of diverse lawyers. This really is our history, and we’ve worked hard at keeping up with the different trends in diversity and the different ways we can diversify our firm.”

There are about 150 lawyers at Lewis Rice, and the firm hires the most talented lawyers, Hoy said. Since 2014, they’ve hired six black attorneys laterally, or who have come over from other firms. They also have a large support staff, and they make sure that they have diversity everywhere from the reception desk to the courtrooms and board rooms.

“We hire good people,” she said. “That comes from all walks of life. It comes in all genders, and colors and sexual orientation and religions.”

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