‘Five years later, people still don’t see Mike as a human being’

‘Five years later, people still don’t see Mike as a human being’

On July 11, Mike Brown Sr. lay on the hardwood floor at the Art House in North St. Louis — the hub of the Ferguson activist group Artivists STL. Cal and local artist Dail Chambers were gluing strips of old St. Louis American newspapers on his chest. They were building a paper mache cast of Mike’s chest to create a lifesize replica of his son for the five-year anniversary of his death on August 9.
The sculpture will be part of an exhibit that Cal envisioned, “As I See You: A Tribute to Mike Brown Jr.,” which will be open Aug. 9-11 at the Urban League’s Ferguson Empowerment Center at 9420 W. Florissant Ave.
“The main goal is to humanize him,” Cal said. “The media spent a lot of time de-humanizing him, forgetting that he was somebody’s son, brother, cousin, grandchild and friend. I just wanted people to see who he really was. In this exhibit, you’ll get to know the things he really liked, the people who were close to his heart, his different hobbies, some of his belongings.”

Read full story at: https://ift.tt/2jLrBJj

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