VIDEO: STL LIVE – Deaconess Foundation – 1 of 2

STL LIVE – Deaconess Foundation – 1 of 2

TOPIC: Deaconess Foundation
HOST: Jade Harrell
SHOW DATE: February 6, 2020
Guest: Starsky Wilson / President and CEO, The Deaconess Foundation

The cost of healthcare is a societal issue in which the Deaconess Foundation made it a priority to assist the community with this year. The mission of the Deaconess Foundation, established in 1889, is to provide improved health for citizens in the St. Louis area and they aided in doing just that. In January, donors from the United Church of Christ and the Deaconess Foundation partnered to donate one hundred thousand dollars to help residents in the St. Louis area pay off their medical debt. Here to tell us more about this great act of kindness and more about the foundation is president and CEO the Rev. Dr. Starsky Wilson…

The Deaconess Foundation is a faith based grant making organization supporting those in the St. Louis area. The foundation has recently paid off the medical debt for many in poverty in the St. Louis area, giving those residents a little ease. For more information about its latest act or about the foundation, visit or call them at 314 436 8001.

The Deaconess Foundation / 1000 N. Vandeventer Ave, St. Louis, MO 63113 / 314-436-8001 /

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