VIDEO: Tax Increment Financing Commission Public Hearing – April 15, 2020

Tax Increment Financing Commission Public Hearing – April 15, 2020
Agenda Meeting Materials:

Please take notice that on the 15th April, 2020 at 8:00 a.m., at the offices of the St. Louis Development Corporation, 1520 Market Street, Suite 2000, St. Louis, Missouri 63103, the Tax Increment Financing Commission of the City of St. Louis (the “TIF Commission”) will hold a public hearing to consider the approval of the Iron Hill Redevelopment Plan pursuant to the Real Property Tax Increment Allocation Redevelopment Act, Sections 99.800-99.865, RSMo.

The proposed Redevelopment Plan applies to a redevelopment area consisting of 15 acres in the Midtown Neighborhood bounded by South Grand Blvd. on the East, Chouteau Ave. on the South, South Spring Ave. on the West and Gratiot St. on the North. Redevelopment Area includes all of City Blocks 2184, 2187.03, and 2187.04. The proposed project consists of a large mixed-use development that is expected to include residential apartments, office space, retail, hotel and structured parking uses. Significant roadway, sidewalk and signalization improvements will also be included in the project. The developer has requested $60.66 million in TIF assistance for the approximately $334.5 million redevelopment project.

The proposed redevelopment plan calls for the use of TIF funds for public and private improvements, including, without limitation, (i) acquisition of property, (ii) construction of public improvements serving the redevelopment area, (iii) environmental remediation, (iv) rehabilitation of the existing structure and (v) professional services. A draft of the proposed redevelopment plan is available for review at:

The public and representatives of all taxing districts affected by this proposed redevelopment plan are invited to submit comments to the attention of the TIF Commission prior to the date of the hearing at the address listed below. All interested persons will be given an opportunity to be heard at the public hearing.

Tax Increment Financing Commission of the City of St. Louis

c/o St. Louis Development Corporation

1520 Market St., Suite 2000

St. Louis, Missouri 63103


This video is the result of a law passed in 2016 by 21st Ward Alderman Antonio French. The historic “Transparency in Government Law” requires all public meetings of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen; the Board of Estimate & Apportionment; the Board of Public Service; and the Preservation Board be recorded and made available on an official City of St. Louis YouTube channel.

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