VIDEO: Ways and Means Committee, June 22 2020

Ways and Means Committee, June 22 2020
The Ways and Means Committee will meet to discuss and review the following:

Board Bills

Board Bill Number 14
Introduced by Alderwoman Tammika Hubbard

The City of St. Louis is the owner of certain real property located at 1100 Monroe Street, St. Louis, Missouri 63106 and 1101 Madison Street, St. Louis, MO 63106 (the “Property”). The Property is the two playgrounds on each side of Webster School. The Board of Education has maintained the Property since the school was built. The City will transfer the Property to the Board of Education to allow the Board of Education to have ownership of the Property that the Board of Education has always maintained.

Board Bill Number 52
Introduced by President Lewis E Reed, Alderman Joseph Vollmer

An ordinance, recommended by the Board of Estimate and Apportionment, authorizing a supplemental appropriation; amending Ordinance 70963, commonly referred to as the City of St. Louis Annual Operating Plan for Fiscal Year 2019 2020 and containing an emergency clause.

Board Bill Number 67
Introduced by Alderwoman Megan E. Green, Alderwoman Christine Ingrassia

The proposed bill would submit to the qualified voters of the City of St. Louis a proposal to amend the Charter of the City of St. Louis to require, except as otherwise provided by and subject to the conditions set forth in the bill, that agreements for the privatization of a public service provider or public asset, or for outsourcing responsibility for the performance of a public service or core function of a department or division of the City must first be approved by an ordinance passed by a majority of the Board of Aldermen and approved by the Mayor, and then ratified by the qualified voters of the City of St. Louis at a City wide election

Event published: Jun 11, 2020 10:22 AM
Last updated: Jun 18, 2020 4:27 PM

More information:
City of St. Louis:
Board of Aldermen

This video is the result of a law passed in 2016 by 21st Ward Alderman Antonio French. The historic “Transparency in Government Law” requires all public meetings of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen; the Board of Estimate & Apportionment; the Board of Public Service; and the Preservation Board be recorded and made available on an official City of St. Louis YouTube channel.


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