VIDEO: City Corner – We Rise UP 4 Kids

City Corner – We Rise UP 4 Kids

We Rise Up 4 Kids is hosting a webinar in August focused on the treatment of COVID-19 traumas. Host/producer Sarah Thompson talks with the featured speakers of the workshop—Dr. Alauna, a trauma psychiatrist based in Houston, and Dr. Carrie Lewis, a licensed clinical psychologist based in St. Louis—about the trauma that is currently being experienced in our communities. She also speaks with Monique Norfolk, MPH, board chair of We Rise Up 4 Kids, about the details of the webinar and the motivation for organizing it. The webinar, “Skills Over Pills: Harnessing the Power of Neurobiology for the Treatment of COVID-19 Trauma and Beyond,” is August 18, 2020. To learn more or register, please visit For more information on the speakers, head to (for Dr. Alauna) and (for Dr. Carrie Lewis).

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