VIDEO: Ask Dr Echols, COVID-19 Questions EP. 1

Ask Dr Echols, COVID-19 Questions EP. 1

Acting Director of Health for the City of St. Louis, Dr. Fredrick Echols, answers residents questions regarding COVID-19. The questions he answers are:

1) Kendall From Jeff Vanderlou neighborhood asks, “At the beginning of the pandemic, the recommendation was that people not wear masks, now we are being told that masks or face coverings are critical to preventing the spread of the virus, what changed? ”

2) Kim from Wells Goodfellow neighborhood asks, “How do face coverings prevent the spread of COVID-19?”

3) Louise from the Ville neighborhood asks, “I’ve heard wearing a mask canH be harmful, is there any truth to that?”

4) Helen from the Central West End asks, “If everyone wore masks in public, what would that accomplish?”

5) Valerie from the O’Fallon neighborhood asks, “When should masks be worn?”

6) Sylvia from the Tower Grove South neighborhood asks, “What is the difference between cloth masks, surgical masks, and respirators?”

7) Christine from the Kingsway West neighborhood asks, “How long can you wear a cloth mask before it needs to be cleaned? How do you clean it?”

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Dr. Echols will answer questions each week from residents.

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