VIDEO: Ask Dr Echols, Ep. 15 (Increased COVID cases)

Ask Dr Echols, Ep. 15 (Increased COVID cases)

Ask Dr Echols answers residents questions about COVID-19. This week, the queries revolved around gaining a better understanding of the virus while the cases surge. In addition, Dr. Echols talks about the continued need to maintain COVID safety to prevent another shutdown. These are the questions Dr. Echols answers this week:

1) If I distance myself from others, does that mean I do not need to wear a face covering?

2) Please provide a review of COVID-19 transmission and why prevention measures are in place?

3) Some restaurants are using heaters and fire pits in their outdoor spaces. Is it safe for persons to congregate around the sources of heat? Does it increase the risk of spreading and contracting COVID-19?

4) What are the consequences if people do not comply with the required prevention measures?

To have your questions answered by Dr. Echols, send an email to
You can also write a letter to:
City of St. Louis Department of Health
1520 Market Street Room 4051
St. Louis, MO 63103

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