Artivists deliver VIP Pass for Prosecutor Wesley Bell to watch #MikeBrown documentary

Artivists deliver VIP Pass for Prosecutor Wesley Bell to watch #MikeBrown documentary

They will project the documentary Stranger Fruit on the wall of the St. Louis County Justice Center on Aug. 17, 7:30pm. They want the prosecutor to reopen the case and indict Darren Wilson. Video shot by Rebecca Rivas, St. Louis American reporter


East St. Louis: City of Champions

East St. Louis: City of Champions

“The Tigers of East St. Louis’ Lincoln High ran basketball, but the Flyers got one now” — State Championships that is, for the school year 2018-2019, as did the East St. Louis Girls Track Team and the East St. Louis Boys Track Team.

We welcome everyone back to school with this very special St. Louis Americans Sports Break hosted by Sports Editor Earl Austin, Jr. with special guest “From the East Side” Columnist Maurice Scott, which tells the story of a magnanimous year in high school sports in East St. Louis that proves once and for all that — East St. Louis truly is the City of Champions!

As I See You Exhibit: A Tribute to Mike Brown Jr.

As I See You Exhibit: A Tribute to Mike Brown Jr.

Michael Brown Jr., who was mercilessly shot by a police officer in Ferguson five years ago, August 9, 2014, was more than a victim and symbol of a movement, he was a beloved son, brother, best man and friend.

The Michael Brown Chosen For Change Foundation has produced a beautiful art exhibit with the help of Artivists STL, which provides an intimate look and detailed depiction of Michael Brown, Jr. by family, friends, and people who’ve gathered to honor him and fight injustice.

For more information on the 5th Annual Michael Brown Memorial Day Weekend (Friday, August 9, 2019 – Sunday, August 11, 2019) please go to

Journey of a 2019 St. Louis American intern: Francene Bethune

Journey of a 2019 St. Louis American intern: Francene Bethune

Please meet the delightful St. Louis American intern, 20 year-old Francene Bethune, and learn how covering the African American community in St. Louis has impacted her life.

Francene was awarded a fellowship from the Emma Bowen Foundation to intern at the St. Louis American this summer.

‘Five years later, people still don’t see Mike as a human being’

‘Five years later, people still don’t see Mike as a human being’

On July 11, Mike Brown Sr. lay on the hardwood floor at the Art House in North St. Louis — the hub of the Ferguson activist group Artivists STL. Cal and local artist Dail Chambers were gluing strips of old St. Louis American newspapers on his chest. They were building a paper mache cast of Mike’s chest to create a lifesize replica of his son for the five-year anniversary of his death on August 9.
The sculpture will be part of an exhibit that Cal envisioned, “As I See You: A Tribute to Mike Brown Jr.,” which will be open Aug. 9-11 at the Urban League’s Ferguson Empowerment Center at 9420 W. Florissant Ave.
“The main goal is to humanize him,” Cal said. “The media spent a lot of time de-humanizing him, forgetting that he was somebody’s son, brother, cousin, grandchild and friend. I just wanted people to see who he really was. In this exhibit, you’ll get to know the things he really liked, the people who were close to his heart, his different hobbies, some of his belongings.”

Read full story at:

2019 Pride Parade in St. Louis

2019 Pride Parade in St. Louis

The Metro Trans Umbrella Group (MTUG), chosen to be the Grand Marshall for the St. Louis 2019 Pride Parade, withdrew after Pride St. Louis changed their position and agreed to have uniformed police march in the parade on Sunday, June 30, 2019, as urged by Mayor Lyda Krewson. Here’s an excerpt from the statement by Sayer Johnson, the Executive Director of MTUG, in response:

“We are disappointed in the decision to have uniformed law enforcement officers march in the Pride parade. Our struggles against police brutality have not ended in the 50 years since Stonewall. Transgender people in our community and throughout the country continue to experience trauma and harassment from police. Their presence makes us more vulnerable to harm.”

MTUG connects people under their umbrella with food, clothing, employment and housing assistance and will continue to fight transphobia, especially transphobia against black trans women.

Julia Bullock, Welcome Home!

Julia Bullock, Welcome Home!

International opera sensation Julia Bullock returned to St. Louis to co-star in the new Opera Theatre of Saint Louis production “Fire Shut Up in My Bones.”

She spoke candidly with the St. Louis American about her life growing up in St. Louis, her experiences as a black woman of mixed heritage in the world of opera, and the ways in which her journey as a performer parallels legendary entertainer and activist Josephine Baker, also raised in St. Louis.

Julia Bullock inspires and challenges young black girls and women who aspire to perform on the stage internationally.

Cheers St. Louis: Pass that Stanley Cup Around!

Cheers St. Louis: Pass that Stanley Cup Around!

“This could be the biggest story in the history of American team sports!,” says St. Louis American Sports editor Earl Austin Jr. about the St. Louis Blues winning the 2019 Stanley Cup to long-time Blues fan and St. Louis American Sports columnist Alvin Reid. Together they reflect on the meteoric rise of the Blues this season, the fans who stuck by them when they were “The worst team in the league,” and why their win means so much to St. Louis and the world.

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